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Are their any differences in the nutritional value of Chinese Kale and Western Kale?

I also noticed that there are so many variations for 'western' Kale. Any ideas what the nutritional difference is and where I can buy these different varieties in HK? Missing the US abundance!

Posted By : Julie R   |   Posted Date : 03/24/2016   |   Category : Nutrition
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  • Jane Julepe03/31/2016 05:12 pm
    Didn't know they were different! I was eating 'Chinese' kale thinking I was being super healthy,. Thanks for clarifying! What about Chinese cabbage and normal cabbage?
  • Nutrition Nation03/31/2016 04:52 pm
    It is true that elsewhere in the world, we have access to more kale varieties compared to Hong Kong. However we have to appreciate that Hong Kong has limited access to fresh produce as it is and few farmers started their own organic kale production with the "easiest" plantable and most popular kale (mostly the curly kale). The alternative to Hong Kong's own organic kale is imported kale, however we can then again argue how fresh it really is. So that already limits us in our choices. Furthermore we have to appreciate that kale is a big thing in the US, however fairly new in Hong Kong. We won't be able to get lots of varieties simply based on supply and demand at the moment. As for the health benefits: if you can get your hands on redbor kale, that'll be AMAZING. This kale is particularly abundance in antioxidants. Otherwise let me mention that kale is still a superfood and any kind of kale is healthy as long as you ensure it's organic and not treated with toxins. Summary: I reckon we won't change the supply in the short term, but enjoy whatever organic kale you can get :)
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