A transformative journey by women for women

Festival du Féminin connects women from all over the world. It has been successfully held in Europe, North and South America, as well as in Asia. Festival du Féminin is conquering the world - France, Belgium, USA, Canada, Columbia, Thailand, Singapore, Morocco, India and this year it is finally coming to Hong Kong.

Festival du Féminin is so many things – it’s a busy woman’s weekend getaway, it’s a celebration, a retreat, an un-conference. Over 2 days at a serene beach resort we will hold 24 workshops, 20 one-on-one consultations amidst opportunities play, dance, shop, get pampered, listen to live music and enjoy gourmet healthy food.

Festival du Féminin is a women’s un-conference – 24 intellectually rigorous and practical workshops, classes, talks and panel discussions covering concerns, problems and misunderstandings as well as joys of a modern Hong Kong woman; 20 one-on-one consultations and private sessions by leading psychologists, coaches, therapists, energy workers, beauty therapists and many others.

Our local speakers and international guests include:

academics, lecturers, best-selling authors; therapists, life-, relationship- and business-coaches, counsellors; business leaders, founders, community leaders, entrepreneurs; shamans, energy healers, midwives, holistic wellness practitioners; dancers, painters, singers, artists…

Festival du Féminin bridges the rational and experiential, the scientific and the spiritual giving you a wide range of practical tools, insights and network connections that will come useful in creating a non-compromisingly bright life for yourself.

Festival du Féminin is a journey of exploration of senses and ideas with carefully selected therapeutic practices and discussions all aimed to bring a more vibrant fulfilled life to the women of Hong Kong.

Festival du Féminin is a celebration of femininity with live music, performances, local artist exhibits and late night dancing.

For more information:

Global website: https://goo.gl/KnCHBj
Facebook: Festival du Féminin Hong Kong 2017
Email: fdfin.hk@gmail.com


Our practical workshops and one-on-one sessions are here to teach you skills and ideas that you need to realize your full potential.


Let’s put our masks and small-talk aside for the weekend. Real connections, deep conversations, honest discussions.


Come laugh with us, come dance with us, come and let yourself play a little.

  • 9am – 10am

    Registration and morning tea mixer

  • 10am to 10:30am

    Opening Ritual

    Room 1 - WELCOMING WORDS by the organizing team and Asia Ambassador of Festival du Féminin.

  • 10:30am - 12Pm

    Session 1

    The Garden: - 'The Power of the Pause' - how to slow down when the world around you is speeding up with Natalie Goni The philosophy of the Pause is simple: the busier life gets and the more chaotic the world becomes, the more we need to have pit stops in our lives to double-check that we’re on the right path. A Pause session is like a deep inhale that allows us to reconnect with ourselves, and an exhale that allows us to listen to our own wisdom. It is a place of reflection, connection and making sense. In this Micro Pause session you learn practical ways to manage stress and tools to support you in listening more deeply to yourself than you ever have before. You learn practical tools to slow down a busy mind, meditate when you just can’t meditate, how to let go of what is no longer serving you and get grounded when you feel out of balance. See More

    Sea View Terrace: - Mother-daughter bonding with Monika Wyss. The relationship between mothers and daughters is physically, emotionally, and spiritually complex on many levels. The bonding with our biological mothers sets us up for our whole life. It is a catalyst for potential success, abundance, fulfilled relationship with a partner and for spiritual development and growth. At the same time it could be a potential for “failure” as through ‘unhealthy’ bonding we can develop dysfunctional emotional response strategies and patterns to deal with experiences of emotional trauma and stress.
    This workshop will show you what kind of relationship you truly have with your mother – not only on the surface but deep in your heart, and how to come to peace with your mother, with the mother part in you and with your life. Even if your mother is no longer around a healthy bonding with your mother will have positive influence on all areas of your life especially on your relationship with your partner, children, bosses and with yourself.
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    The Quiet Room: - Why things fall apart – dealing with personal crisis with Dr Anastasia Belikova. In this workshop we will descend into some uncomfortable but inevitable states of our lives. Feeling stuck, aimless, lost. Feeling like you are losing sense of control, losing confidence in yourself and your ability to manage your life. Inability to move forward toward your personal or professional goals. We will go through the reasons why things fall apart, why we sometimes get stuck in a rut and work through some common dysfunctional ways we tend to adopt in dealing with a crisis, such as denial or circle of innocent addictions (workaholism, social butterflying, comfort eating etc.) Finally we will discover some cognitive as well as body practices that will become your go-to solutions for coming out of a crisis.
    The workshop combines research in psychology on identity, shame and resilience with Eastern philosophy and practices to deliver an effective holistic mind-body foundation for those inevitable unstable periods of our lives. Participants will come out of the workshop with an experience of confidence and understanding that chaos isn’t a pit, chaos is a ladder.
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  • 12am – 1:30pm

    Room 3 - Guided Meditation

    Terrace - Rest with snacks and refreshments

    Lawn - 1-1 consultations

    The Lawn: Market

  • From 1:30 – 3pm

    Session 2

    The Garden: Raise your voice – discover strength, power and confidence of your voice with Athalie de Konig Your voice is your most personal treasure. It’s the first thing people hear when they meet you, and it can reveal so much – whether you are healthy or sick, happy or sad, confident or self-conscious, and many other nuances. This is why it is so important to know your voice, not only physically, but also on an emotional level: experiencing that your figurative voice, your opinion is valuable and needs to be heard.
    When we are born, we raise our voices naturally. A baby doesn’t use a microphone, yet her cry can be heard from far away. We all possess the facilities to use our voices fully, yet along the way through messages from our environment and pressures from the workplace and society about how a woman should behave we build habits that block our natural vocal power. In this workshop, you will go on a journey to release your own voice. You will be invited to go beyond the social and aesthetic expectations, to explore and play, to unleash your personal message and discover how far your voice can reach.
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    Sea View Terrace Let’s talk about sex, baby questions that nobody asks but everyone googles with Alison McClymont Let’s face it, no matter how open you are with your partner or your girlfriends, some questions are for googles eyes only. With sex still being somewhat of a taboo, there is still a lot of confusion, misunderstanding and shame that prevent most of us from being open about what we REALLY want to know. emotional response strategies and patterns to deal with experiences of emotional trauma and stress.
    This workshop brings you a live version of google – a sex therapist based in Hong Kong, who will tackle some of the most common questions that she gets to deal with, as well as tackling sex FAQs revealed by the google search data analysis. Participants will have an opportunity to ponder on the questions most relevant to them in group discussions, role plays and personal reflection, as well as drop in questions of their own into the anonymous sex questions basket.
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    The Quiet Room: Science of Love – what happens when the romance novel ends with Dr. Christina Sue-Chan Why do 40%-50% of marriages in America end in divorce? Why is the divorce rate for second and third marriages even higher? Why, despite a promising beginning, most of relationships we can think of eventually dwindle and fizzle out? What can we do to avoid being another number in the calculation of divorce rates? Movies and romance novels always end of the high note – the kiss at the altar after overcoming initial obstacles, scheming enemies and unfavorable circumstances. How to deal with what comes after?
    In this 90 minute workshop that draws heavily from scientific research on the psychology of love and relationships, we will find out what love means in different cultures, how its meaning influences our expectations about relationships, and what we need to do to maintain and deepen our love for each other as our relationship evolves after the roman novel ends
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  • From 3:30pm – 5pm

    Session 3

    The Garden: The Joy of embodied sexuality – get your sexy on! with Devi Novanti As women, we tend to constantly judge ourselves. We judge our body. We judge ourselves for not beautiful enough, attractive enough, etc. And how do you think this judgment is contributing to your life?
    In this fun and thought-provocative workshop we will consider the power of the way we think and talk about ourselves. Through access methodology we will look into how we can infuse our daily life with the energy needed to become what we want to become, feel truly comfortable in our own skin and shine sexy from within. We learn how to use music, Bollywood dance and visualization to bring us right where we need to be.
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    The Garden: Getting back your sovereignty, recalling the wild woman with Lydia Petetin "Only the woman who is well seated on her throne can truly carry her crown "Christiane Singer 
    The reminder that we are all Queens does not in any way mean we are dominating characters, defying men, neither that we should act in the energies and shadows of the masculine. On the contrary, this archetype invites us to fully and proudly embrace our life with coherence, equilibrium, dignity , benevolence and grace . It asks us to open our heart wide, to root our feet, to open up our spaces, to broaden our visions. Let's grow and strengthen our roots. Let's recall our Power. Let's embody our dreams by respecting other Living and being respected. This is a true Ecology of Being, fully engaging ourselves in the celebration of Life in all its glorious panoply of colors and range of emotions.
    This workshop is brought to you under the banner of dancing, exchanging and sharing, in the spirit of good humor and authenticity. It is a deep shamanic practice to melt in free motion, body and mind.
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    Public Speaking Bootcamp - Using yogic tools to shine on stage with Rosalie e’Silva Does this sound familiar… Your heart pounds in your chest as you mentally rehearse over and over what you’re about to say. Your mouth dries up and out comes a squeaky and shaky voice?
    If you’re like millions of other people, public speaking is one of your biggest fears – even more so than death!
    That can all change as international journalist and yoga teacher Rosalie e'Silva shows you how to create the best possible mindset to become a confident and relaxed speaker.
    Rosalie will be sharing some unique tools - including visualisation, breathing techniques and yoga nidra practices - to help you tame your nerves and speak with confidence and clarity.
    These yogic tools will greatly enhance your speaking ability in all situations – whether at a work meeting, introducing yourself to a small group or giving a presentation to a large audience. They will help you feel confident, relaxed and enable you to shine brightly.
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  • From 5:30pm – 7pm

    Session 4

    The Garden: Sound healing with Akiko Igarashi Discover the therapeutic effects of sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls, a type of bell that rings with a warm and resonant tone when sounded. Learn the history of these singing bowls and their traditional usage in meditation, holistic work and even how they can be used in music. You will also have a chance to experience sound journey at the end of the workshop. See More

    Sea View Terrace: Panel discussion – ‘What is your body telling you’ Unfortunately most people don’t appreciate their body until something goes wrong with it. Inhabiting and understanding your body tunes you to the natural feedback system through which your body offers valuable information on what it needs. We can learn to listen to the body’s reactions to different foods, different environments, different people and get familiar with the meaning of the signals your body is sending to you. Such sensitivity will not only help to intervene and prevent an illness from developing, but also allows building smarter self-care practices as well as a true appreciation of who you really are.
    In this session we gather 4 brilliant ladies from different walks of life and with understanding of different aspects of our body – from looking at your body from functional medicine perspective to what are your yoga limitations are telling you. What about your mood? Your cycle? Your skin? We will gather to discuss the most common (-ly ignored) body messages and work through the audience’s questions.
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    The Quiet Room: Fear and how to deal with it with Katie Lowe and Alix Farquhar We each have a little something which frightens us. We each have something which we secretly would love to do but that voice, you know the one, stops us from asking for that pay rise, saying I love you or doing that sky dive.
    In this session we take a moment to look at the ways in which we, as women may talk ourselves out of or into taking risks and making decisions. In this workshop we address the question, what influences our decision making process? We combine key sociological research on risk, risk perception, gender and personal development tools to look at the external (social influence and expectation and gender norms) and internal (the “I can’t voice”). Finally, we use our insights to work on a desired perceived risk or goal in your life. We hope that the session will not only be fun and insightful but also will introduce a life tool which will enable the participants to deal with decision making around risk with more insight. 
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  • From 7pm – 8pm

    Terrace: dinner and refreshments

    The Garden: 1-on-1 consultations

    The Lawn: Market

  • From 8pm – 10:30pm

    The Garden: live music, dance performances, live shows, dancing.

  • 9 – 10 am

    Wake-up session

    The Garden: Inner balance Intuitive movement.

    Sea View Terrace: Sunday yoga.

    The Quiet Room: Grounding Meditation.

  • 10am - 11:30 am

    Session 1

    The Garden: Physiology of dark emotions – learning how they land in our bodies and how to transmute this dark energy with Anne Cousin By nature and through pressures of our society women are expected to give a lot, always achieve, nurture and harmonize. We are expected to show certain emotions and behaviours, and suppress others. But long-term suppression results in disconnection from the wisdom that our bodies hold and eventually lead to dysregulation and chronic pains and illnesses, with PMS being just one example of the modern obsession with suppression.
    In this workshop we explore how to self-observe and listen to the stories our bodies hold, and connect to the wisdom we can get from our physiology, our innate resources. We will learn to hold space and transform dark emotions such as guilt and shame; coming one step closer toward understanding how to work with our bodies to create health, balance and vitality. The workshop will introduce several tools for understanding and managing emotions, such as somatic movement therapy, relaxation response and TRE (Tension Release Exercise).
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    Sea View Terrace: Sisterhood and circles – with Onyxe Antara. For centuries women have gathered in circles to share their stories and to commune with each other through genuine interest and acceptance. How would the world change TODAY if women came together as sisters undeterred by their differences; to support and empower one another regardless of their age, race, culture, sexuality, religion, socioeconomic status, physical appearance and abilities, or language?
    Bonds between women can be some of the most intensely satisfying and unbreakable. When we gather in circles, we create a sacred container that holds us and our stories in a compassionate and intimate way. We learn to see and hear one another and to offer our support without imposing advice or placing judgment, recognizing that each woman is whole and complete even when in the midst of a personal challenge.
    In this workshop we will immerse in the meaning of sisterhood, experience how to establish safety and intimacy in order to foster vulnerability and empowerment, satisfy your longing for meaningful connections, and learn to nurture yourself and other women within the sisterhood of the circle. 
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    The Quiet Room: Body Love - with Rebecca Hopkins At the heart of loving your body is a collection of small conscious moments of self-kindness. Daily choices to speak to yourself like you would a friend, to share your struggles with people who have earned the right to hear your story and to let your real self be seen; truly seen. When you connect and share with other women about how you feel about your body, you will find that your struggles are not unique. This is common humanity, the powerful experience of knowing you are not alone. In this 90-minute Body Love Workshop you will have the opportunity to explore the relationship between vulnerability and body love. We will work together to challenge and unpick the societal and community expectations around appearance and body image, and stay curious as to who benefits from you feeling not enough in this incredibly important arena. We will finish by giving you knowledge and practical strategies to practice empathy and self-compassion in a meaningful way, essential in the journey towards truly sustainable body love. See More

  • 12 pm – 1:30pm

    The Quiet Room: Guided Meditation

    Terrace: lunch and refreshments

    The Garden: 1-on-1 consultations

    The Lawn: Market

  • From 1:30 – 3pm

    Session 2

    The Garden: BeWave: awaken your 5 Dynamics to simplify your life with Maïtie Trelaün With the concept of Be Wave, Maïtie uses the ancestral knowledge of the Chinese Traditional Medicine to create a new way to manage your life, your relationships and your business. The 5 dynamics of the life cycle support your fulfillment. With this comprehension you will be able to change what is not progressing in your life. Maïtie will give you tools to awaken your own 5 dynamics and be more confident in yourself. In this workshop, you will discover the 5 dynamics, integrate them in your body to learn how to Be Wave in your everyday life. As a Queen you will come back on your inner lands to respect yourself as a Woman. See More

    Panel Discussion: ‘Can a modern woman have it all?’ Panel Members Having it all. Haven’t we heard it enough already?
    Apparently not, given the numbers of successful corporate professionals abandoning their lucrative careers for the sake of less secure worse-paid options.
    Apparently not, given the staggering rate of depression among women in menopause, who discover that ‘having it all’ is perishable with time.
    Apparently not, given the burnout, overwhelming feeling of guilt, spendings on alcohol, non-essential food, as well as feelings of inadequacy, fear and burnout an average adult.
    Apparently there are a lot of people are discovering that to ‘have it all’ and to feel truly happy and fulfilled might not be the same thing.
    In this panel we discuss the importance of questioning the meaning of ‘achievement’ in life and the means of getting there. Should success be defined the same for men and women? Is there a more sane way to ‘having it all’ and do we really need this ‘All’. We are joined by 2 high-performing jaw-dropping-ly inspiring successful women, a business coach who specializes on building success of female entrepreneurs and a clinical psychologist.
    See More

    The Quiet Room: The Search for Real Love and what’s stopping you from finding it with Valentina Do you notice that you fall for the same type of guys over and over again? Do your relationships end more or less the same way? Are you wondering why there are no good guys out there? In ‘The Search for Real Love…’ we will look at what’s holding you back from meeting the man of your dreams. Many of us are not even aware just how many parts of our personality we reject, are unhappy with or refuse to acknowledge. Many of us hold limiting beliefs such as ‘I am not worthy of love’, ‘I will never be loved if he sees this side of me’, ‘I have to be more feminine/outgoing/open… to be attractive’, the belief that you only have a few years in your adult life to find a life partner and if you missed that magical age you are essentially a ‘past sell by date’ product and so many more … How many of these deep patterns, beliefs and programs are you aware of? How many parts of yourself have you locked away in a room you don’t like to revisit? In this workshop we will explore some of the most common limiting beliefs and patterns that affect your love life and learn how you can overcome them to achieve your vision for an ideal relationship. See More

  • From 3:30pm – 5pm

    Session 3

    The Quiet Room: Get unstuck with Sonia Somtani Healing your Inner Child is one of the most powerful techniques that is available today, as it explicitly addresses the roots of your current problems, whatever they may be. Anxiety, stress and difficulties that we experience today are the result of some unresolved experience in the past. Healing our inner-child means simply accessing that younger version of ourselves who are still stuck in the story and the pain of the past. Once we have understood, remembered and felt that part of us, we will feel more complete, in control and able to face current situations.
    In this short and intense workshop Sonia will give participants a whole new dimension and understanding of the mind and how inner children are formed. Through interactive exercises and group meditations, participants will also get the opportunity to go deep within themselves to give love and healing to some of their wounded parts that they may have not been in touch with for years. The result is a deeper sense of peace and completion, effective whether you had a happy or difficult childhood.
    See More

    Sea View Terrace: Navigating Your Transformative Journey - with Dr Katie Larson. Every woman is on her own unique life journey, but she also experiences what experts call a universal “Heroine’s Journey”. Cyclical stages can bring predictable growth spurts personally, professionally, and relationally. Having a map of this journey can not only help with navigating upcoming stages, but can also encourage healthy reflection of the path already traveled. The workshop offers hands-on exploration of your Heroine’s Journey using creative arts as a means to express and reflect on your rite-of-passage. You will be provided with the ancient map of the Heroine’s Journey, create collage-based art to visually express your experience, and discuss the stages that have been the most impactful for you. See More

    The Quiet Room: Sex – Make love not porn - exploring pleasure and difference between pornography and reality with Sara Tang This workshop gives women the opportunity to explore their own feelings about porn and the myths that porn perpetuates vs. the reality. Together, we will learn and identify some techniques and narratives for female pleasure, which are often overlooked in mainstream porn. We will subvert mainstream porn conventions and co-create some happy, horny endings to our own pleasurable porn scripts. Not only will we discuss common myths perpetuated by the porn industry, we will get our hands on some practical tools giving you confidence to manage real tools outside of the workshop. See More

  • 5:30 – 6pm

    Closing ceremony

Getting There


D.D.2 Lot 648, Silvermine Bay, Mui Wo, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

From Central:

Take the Mui Wo (Lantau) Ferry from Central Pier 6; on arrival turn right and follow the pleasant walk along the sea shore, past cooked food market towards SilverMine Beach. Registration will be held at the terrace of SilverMine hotel.

From Tung Chung.

From Tung Chung MTR station take a bus (3M) or a taxi. *note on weekends it can be difficult getting a cab or a bus from Tung Chung, so we recommend taking the ferry as the most reliable option.






2984 1328

Accommodation If you would like to stay overnight at Silvermine Beach Resort single and double rooms at this 3-star hotel are available for booking. Contact the hotel for more information.
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  • Goodie bag
1 day pass Sunday 690 890
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  • Snacks and refreshments,
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2-DAY pass 1290 1590
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  • Dinner,
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