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Here you can find an overview of the website to help you navigate through all that GOODness.
GOODin.HK is much more than a simple directory or a blog. Our GOOD busy bees are working hard to become you healthiest best friend, with whom you talk, meet, debate, celebrate, laugh and yes, occasionally vent.
GOODin.HK makes it its mission to help people deal with Hong Kong paradox of overwhelming floods of often-contradicting information and still limited knowledge about how to live healthy and effortlessly.
The aim of GOODin.HK is not necessarily to be burping new tidbits of information on daily basis. Instead we help organize, validate and apply what's already available. And where more information is indeed needed we will bring to you what Hong Kong and global industry leaders have to say.
Stay tuned in 2016, we have some seriously GOOD features coming to you soon. We are here to help you to move from 'knowing' into 'doing' and 'living' GOOD.
This section is dedicated to wellness, health and fitness events in Hong Kong workshops, conferences, teacher training, competitions, farmers markets you name it! We aim to bring to one place the disarrayed announcements that are floating around all the social media platforms. Save the event, invite your friends to join, see past similar events for some real reviews. GOOD life has never been easier!
Our in-house reviewer keeps a watchful eye giving you the skinny on the events so that you know next time what's worth you time.
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Good workout
Whether you have a specific goal in mind, working with an injury or looking for a new class to add to your fitness routine, GOODin.HK has taken the class, talked to the instructors, managers, owners and other guests. The research is as good as done! Our team of reviewers consists of experienced certified fitness and yoga professionals.
GOODin.HK is not here to place positive or negative labels on studios or instructors. We are looking to give you the most detailed information and the best description of what a class REALLY feels like so that you can find the best fit for your personality and your needs.
Our do-GOODers believe that there is no such thing as a "good" or "bad" instructor (well); (almost) every teacher brings their own unique skills and knowledge to every class. GOODin.HK is not sponsored by any gym or studio, so we will be brutally honest (Oh the fun ahead!).
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GOOD to know
Super-easy to navigate, our online health and fitness magazine for community by community addresses your interest and biggest concerns. We talk to YOUR fitness instructors, coaches, healers, nutritionists and other professionals in the industry to learn first hand what you've been struggling with and how to help you with it.
In addition to our talented in-house writers keeping you in the loop about the most exciting things Hong Kong has to offer to the health buffs, GOODin.HK gives you several fascinating series run by truly inspiring health and fitness professionals right here in Hong Kong. Just find a topic that interests you and follow our authors, on- and offline.
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GOOD question
Need help navigating the beautiful mess of contradicting health advice? Not sure which point of view to trust? Or simply looking where to buy a particular ingredient for your GOOD meal? Just ask and see what the community has to say about that.
We work to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle for the GOODness of everyone and we want YOU to get involved. We encourage you to join the conversation, add your own GOOD-natured reviews and help a fellow Hong Konger with their concerns.
In addition to community answers, we've enlisted support of some talented experienced professionals. They will be watching the discussions carefully and giving you their professional tips.
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Now all you have to do is make GOOD on that promise to get out of bed.
GOOD luck!